Short Bio

I am a PhD student in Regal research group at Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris 6). I started my PhD from November 2010 under supervision of Professor Marc Shapiro. My thesis title is "Ensuring Consistency in massive-scale distributed systems under weak Synchronization".
I received my MSc degree in Software Engineerign of Distributed Systems from KTH, and did my MSc thesis at Swedish Institute of Computer Science under supervision of Dr. Jim Dowling and examination of Professor Seif Haridi.

Research Interest


      Pierre and Marie Curie University
      PhD in Computer Science
Paris, France 2010 - ongoing

      Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
      MSc in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems
Stockholm, Sweden 2008 - 2010

      Shahid Beheshti University
      BSc in Computer Engineering
Tehran, Iran 2000 - 2006


  • Non-Monotonic Snapshot Isolation: scalable and strong consistency for geo-replicated transactional systems.
    M. Saeida Ardekani, P. Sutra, M. Shapiro.
    In 32nd International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS). Braga, Portugal, October 2013.
    [bib] [pdf] [@IeeexploreLink]
  • On the scalability of Snapshot Isolation.
    M. Saeida Ardekani, P. Sutra, M. Shapiro, N. Preguica.
    In 19th International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing (Euro-Par). Aachen, Germany, August 2013.
    [bib] [pdf] [@SpringerLink]
  • Non-Monotonic Snapshot Isolation.
    M. Saeida Ardekani, P. Sutra, N. Preguica, M. Shapiro.
    Technical Report RR-7805. INRIA. June 2013.
    [bib] [pdf] [@arxivLink]
  • The Space Complexity of Transactional Interactive Reads.
    M. Saeida Ardekani, M. Zawirski, P. Sutra, M. Shapiro.
    In 1st Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Data Processing (in conjunction with Eurosys 2012). Bern, Switzerland, April 2012.
    [bib] [@acmLink]
  • The Impossibility of Ensuring Snapshot Isolation in Genuine Replicated STMs.
    M. Saeida Ardekani, P. Sutra, and M. Shapiro.
    In 3rd Workshop on the Theory of Transactional Memory (in conjunction with DISC 2011). Rome, Italy, September 2011.
    [bib] [pdf]
  • Making Structured Overlay Networks Data Center Friendly.
    M. Saeida Ardekani.
    Master's Thesis (TRITA-ICT-EX-2010:214), The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). September 2010.


      masoud (dot) saeida (-) ardekani [a-t}

      Work Phone: (+33) 1 44 27 87 25

      Visiting Address:
      UPMC - LIP6 ,Boîte courrier 169
      Couloir 25-26, Étage 2, Bureau 231
      4 place Jussieu
      75252 PARIS cedex 05


      ACM Student
      IEEE Student
      Mendeley Advisors

Research papers by Masoud Saeida Ardekani